Real Estate

We aim to manage and develop real estate in the center of Mariehamn with a long term view in order to sustain the city’s attractiveness and enhance people’s well-being

Eriksson Capital manages the property at Torggatan 6 in Mariehamn as well as the Citykontor offices at Torggatan 13.

The Citykontor office spaces above the Sittkoff Galllerian shopping center comprise three larger offices and a shared rental office. The property at Torggatan 6 consists of the properties known as Magasin, Telegrafen and HAB-limpan. These properties contain office spaces as well as the commercial spaces that house the grocery store Varuboden City, the café Bagelbee, the stores Life and GeFoto as well as the hairdresser Salongen. Telegrafen, an older building protected by the statutes of the Heritage Administration Unit, houses the studio spaces of photographer Therese Andersson.


The property at Torggatan 6 also includes a larger, as of yet undeveloped area, where we plan to build a new complex comprising residential flats, offices and commercial spaces. Within the framework of this project, we plan to build around the protected building Telegrafen so as to create an indoor market place surrounded by commercial spaces. The building permit process for the project has been an extensive one, but hopefully we can move forward with construction during 2020.

For more information about our real estate, please contact [email protected]

Our New Construction at Torggatan 6

During the spring of 2020, we will continue to conceptualise and plan the new construction. We will also apply for a building permit for the project comprising approximately 2,000 m² in commercial space and approximately 3,000 m² in residential flats.

You can follow the development of the project and read more about buying apartments and leasing commercial spaces here.

We want to manage and run real estate where people and business can thrive and prosper.