Community engagement

Business cannot exist outside of the continuum of the community, and therefore we want to offer our support to a variety of initiatives great and small, cultivating a community characterized by safety and well-being for both people and the environment.

Eriksson Capital Ab wants to support our local community. We are especially interested in giving considerable long-term support to specific projects or initiatives with a clearly stated goal.

We are happy to sponsor:

  • Associations/projects/initiatives involved in creating meaningful leisure activities for youths
  • Project/initiatives that boost the attractiveness and long-term well-being of the Åland community
  • Projects/initiatives that enhance the premises for business for local entrepreneurs on Åland.

You can apply for sponsorship by filling in the form here. Your application will be handled as soon as possible.

Case: The Museum Ship Pommern

One example of our larger, long-term sponsorships for a specific project is the museum ship Pommern. In 2017-2019, the Åland Maritime Museum Trust carried out a comprehensive renovation of the ship and constructed an onboard museum experience called “Pommern – 100 Days under Sail”. Eriksson Capital was the Gold Sponsor of the project. We wanted to support this initiative because we believe that having a modern and engaging museum both enriches the lives of the local people and benefits local tourism. The maritime history of Åland is an important piece of the past that must be preserved for future generations.

Case: The coding club

The coding club Kodarklubben is an example of a project that we have sponsored because it diversifies leisure activities for young people. The club is a non-profit association that hopes to engage youths and children in programming, digital creating and IT in general. During the autumn of 2019, the club put together a team called “Many mandarins” (Många Mandariner) that competed in the international innovation challenge First Lego League. Having won first place in one of the local finals in Sweden, the team qualified for the Scandinavian finals in Denmark, and Eriksson Capital sponsored the team’s trip to the finals. We believe in supporting new and diversified opportunities for young people, also beyond the realm of sports. In addition to encouraging meaningful social contacts among children, the initiative promotes skills in programming and natural sciences, important building blocks for tomorrow’s community

Case: Women’s soccer team Åland United

As many others, we also engage in sports sponsorships, preferably involving youth. Eriksson Capital has sponsored the professional women’s soccer team Åland United from the start of the team in 2004. Between then and 2019, the team has won two gold medals, two silver medals and two bronze medals in the National League (formerly called Women’s League) in Finland. Soccer is a folk sport that promotes health and a feeling of community. Traditionally, women’s soccer has gained less visibility and gotten less support than men’s soccer, and therefore supporting Åland United felt like a natural choice for us. Eriksson Capital has mainly supported the A-team, but has also engaged in targeted sponsorships of girls’ soccer, for example by supporting summer camps and employing a coordinator for girls’ soccer.

You can apply for sponsorship by filling in the form here. Your application will be handled as soon as possible.

Development and sustainability agenda for Åland

Eriksson Capital is also engaged in the local Åland initiative Bärkraft ( that works towards a sustainable Åland. We are a part of the subgroup for sustainable corporations, and Rebecka Eriksson is one of the four members representing business life in the Development and Sustainability Council.

The vision for Åland: “Everyone can flourish in a viable society on the Islands of Peace”