About us

Eriksson Capital is a family business that consists of Åland operates as a parent company for a global industrial group


We have grown from a company that built roads, tunnels and building foundations to a parent company within a global industry group.

We are an engaged owner with a long-term perspective. The largest businesses within the group were established in the 1980s. The parent company Eriksson Capital employs nine people, while the entire group has over 1,500 employees around the world.

Trygve Eriksson commenced his business career as early as in 1965, when he started as a construction entrepreneur specialized in trucks and excavators. During the 1970s, he began to invest and engage in local Åland businesses. The companies Eriksson Capital has worked with during the years span industries from truck manufacturing, stonemasonry and potato chips to shipping, food packaging and medical tubing solutions, and include both local businesses and global enterprises.


Today, we are primarily engaged within the packaging industry, advanced extrusion of tubing for medical and industrial purposes, metalworking, sustainable polymer materials and wind energy as well as property and asset management.

We invest in a variety of different companies in order to create a balanced portfolio when it comes to business models, cycles and market developments. The majority of our current investments are in specialized niche businesses that work in the global market and are primarily B2B companies. Some of the companies are world-leading within their respective industries.

We who work here

At our main offices, we work with investments, executive management, property management, capital management as well as accounting and administration for both smaller entities and the parent company.

Trygve Eriksson



Rebecka Eriksson

Vice VD


Fredrik Byman

Investment manager


Åsa Åberg

Group Controller


Cecilia Jansson

Business Controller


Magnus Andersson



Fredrik Lundberg

Project Manager


Pia Söderlund

Office Manager


Ramona Sirén



Please feel welcome to contact us by email: [email protected] or telephone: +358 18 526 700.

Are you interested in working or doing an internship with us?

Since the team at our main offices is relatively small, we seldom take on new employees and have a limited capacity for internships and seasonal workers. However, you are very welcome to send your open application to us at [email protected]